What size am I?

Well, Mama, good question.

Choosing a nursing bra is not as easy as going off of your "regular" size, or your pre-baby size. The good news, though, is that Booboos was made to expand and shrink with your changing breasts!

Also good news, being nursing moms ourselves, we totally get that it may not fit and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. So if you order a size and it doesn't fit, we'll replace it for you no questions asked!

Check out the chart below for your best size:

Pregnancy/Nursing Bra Size

Booboos Size

32-34 A

32-34 B


34-36 B

32-34 C


36-38 C

34-36 D


38 D

36-38 DD



38-40 D

38-40 DD

38 E



Remember: The design of the bra is made to expand and shrink with the size of your breasts. However, our bodies change SO much after babies and fabric can only work so much magic. In some cases, after nursing for a period of time, a mother may need to move down a size.


Here's how to measure yourself