The lowdown on the bra your boobs can't wait to try


Here's the bra in action!


 Once you get the bra, train the fabric! It's made to grow and shrink with your breast size. This means that it will be snug at first. Our bras are made to stretch 2-5 inches depending on the size! We want it to stay with you throughout your nursing experience! Check out the video below! 


All about the best things about the bra!



  • Soft fabrics chosen for your comfort and baby's 
  • Inner liner with slit for breast pump funnel
  • Traditional nursing clasps
  • Wireless support
  • Designed to stretch and shrink with changing breast size
  • Wideband for under-boob support
  • Clasps slide from the front
  • Leakproof, you guys! NO MORE BREAST LEAKS! 

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