Brand Values


Booboos Bras, LLC and all of its employees and contractors agree to abide by these listed guidelines.

  • We will support all women and mothers in whatever stage of life they are in

  • We will not use any certain parenting style or adopted lifestyle as a joke in our marketing

  • We will share our experiences in honest and vulnerable ways, even if they do not paint us in a cohesive light with the rest of our social media posts

  • We may use foul language in our expressions if that is how we are feeling

  • We will always credit the work of others that we share

  • We will show up for ourselves, our work, and one-another with compassion, kindness, and an attitude of bad-assness

  • We will combat naysayers and negativity with kindness and compassion while setting healthy boundaries that do not sacrifice our own mental health

  • We will be prompt and efficient in our work

  • We will remember everyday that the work we do at Booboos Bras will make one mother smile, put one mother at ease, and allow for one mother to not focus on us at all because we have taken one spinning plate from her hands, allowing her time for herself or her family. We, Booboos Bras, can change the dialogue around mothering, not by combating the current system of beliefs, but by supporting a new one. We believe mothers and women to be superheroes, and what are superheroes without fans who support and believe in them? Just weird people who wear really tight clothing and beat people up.

You are amazing. You are everything. You are supported.

Booboos Bras