Hi! I'm Brookelynn, mother of two under two (not for much longer) with an ornery corgi to boot. As a writer and yoga teacher, I can tell you that I had zero online business experience and zero expectation of ever creating a product or brand, but right after I had my second baby, I was having a really hard time. My body was not yet healed, I was so so tired, and I was leaking! Until I had my first baby, I didn't even know that leaking was a thing! Well, since I was a hot mess emotionally and there wasn't much to be done about "down there," the one that seemed the most accessible to clean up was the boobs. 

I had this instagrammable vision of motherhood. Waking up before my babies to meditate, write, throw in a load of laundry, only to spend the rest of my days gardening, baking, and playing tag in the branches of willow trees.

Record Scratch!

Take me back to the bathroom. I'm getting zero sleep. Because with two, you can't just "nap when they nap," so I'm snappy, crying, doing what I can just to keep my shit together when I finally get to a well deserved and ever-elusive yoga class. I'm in a child's pose, slightly dozing off, and sit up to see that I had LEAKED THROUGH onto the ugly green bolster. And I lost it. I was wearing THREE LAYERS. Shirt. Nursing Bra. Scratchy round breast pad. 

Nope! I was donezo. I started looking for my answer and could not find it anywhere. And so I got to work and here I am today, with you, on the ever-so-joyful journey of motherhood and all of the good, terrible and absolutely stupid beautiful moments that it entails.

My hope is that this product can eliminate some of those distressing moments for you as a new mama so that it might make space for one more enjoyable one in which you can acknowledge that you are amazing and you are enough.