Top 9 Products You ACTUALLY Need For Mama and Baby.

First and foremost, whenever a new mama friend asks me what they REALLY need for baby, my answer is, "Not a whole lot, honestly." Because it's true. I am a huge advocate of mom and dad need more than baby does those first few weeks. Others may disagree, and well, they can do that. There are some things that you must have, though. As per usual, these may not be the top of mind stroller and sweet onesies that are on all the other lists, but these are SUPER valuable to have on hand for when baby arrives. Here are our top ____ must-have products for mama and baby! 


1. Pads and padsicles

A. There's a high likelihood that you're going to be bleeding after baby, even if you have a c-section, a lot of women get there after laboring, and by then some blood vessels have burst. Plan for a good six weeks of bleeding, 2-3 of heavy and 2-3 of medium to light. B. Get one pack, add aloe, witch hazel and freeze. Oooh the cold is so bad and sooooo good. Click here for our post on how to make the padsicles. 


2. Baby Diapers

You may be like, "Duh," but let me tell you! Especially with our second, we didn't have all the showers and random gifts, so we just didn't have diapers ... Oops. Get those. 


3. Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding is great and beautiful and all that jazz, but man does that shit hurt at first! Cracked and sore nipples will need some love. Get some good oil or cream to have on hand.


4. Calendula Oil

Stay with me here. Especially if you have a c-section with almost 1/3 of us will in the US, Calendula oil is a very safe and non-invasive oil to massage onto your scar. This does two things. 1. It will help to smooth scar tissue, and 2. It will lead to a more healthy healing and, if you choose, second birth. Recently, a friend studying postnatal women's health said to me that some outrageous percent of women, (I'll say 80... it's probably not that high, but I can't remember right now!) avoid their cesarean scar. Like have never touched it. 

4. Baby carrier

You may not be out for lengthy walks right away, so you have time for the stroller, but you will be up and moving around the house after a couple of days and having baby close to you is easy and feels oh so good. Do your own research, but we typically recommend a sling-like one or cloth to start and add a more heavy duty one with straps and clips for later when they are heavier or if you are out and about more. We love Wildbird Slings (pictured above), but also Ergo baby and Bobas are tried and true for our mamas.


5. Disposable pads for under your sheets

Totally didn't even know these were a thing and people sure as hell didn't get it for the baby shower. Girl, trust me. Save your mattress. Get these and put them between your sheet and mattress to prevent bleeding through. (All this talk about blood... I promise it's not that bad...


6. Bottles and Breast pump 

You won't know your feeding situation until baby has latched or not, so having these on hand is HUGE. Also, there is a good chance that your breast pump will be purchased through insurance. That's a lot of phone-calling and picking up that you won't want to do once baby is here, so have it on hand.


7. Netflix or other subscription

Get this ready now because there's not a lot going on those first few weeks. They sleep. You can't/shouldn't move a whole lot, so plan on catching up with a ton of books or a ton of shows. Your choice.


8. A great nursing bra. We recommend Booboos. Whether you want to breastfeed for a while or not at all, your milk will come in, and there will be some leakage. Your breast size will also change drastically, Booboos is the best bra for both of these! Due before we launch? No problem! They are perfect for new, pregnant and longtime nursing mamas. Sign up at the bottom of the page for your discount and to be the first to know about pre-sale sales.


9. Okay, maybe a few cute onesies. You will be taking lots of pictures

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