Momming done "Right"

As this is our first blog post on the Booboos site, and there are SO many things that we are excited to share regarding mom life, babies, boobs, etc, we have to write the first one first, and it is our most important message. The message is this, Mom. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.

There is no "Right" or "Wrong" when it comes to what you wake up (or are just continuously awake for, if we're being honest) every day to do. Unless you are consciously harming your children, in which case you need to get professional help, you are not doing anything wrong! 

Bottle feeding instead of breast? Great! The kid is getting fed.

Sleeping on their tummy instead of on their back? Again, as long as baby is safe, any good pediatrician will tell you that your state of mind is more important than belly or back. (Don't be an a* hole and send us hate-mail about this one. Just don't)

Pouring that glass of wine before noon? No judgment from this side of the computer. We may or may not also have a delicious bottle of Prisoner Wine airing out beside us. 

The point is this, being a parent is hard. It's really really really hard, and it's also the most incredible thing in the whole entire freaking universe. And not to discount the male species, because a lot of them are really great and they are having their own challenging time as well, but when you have birthed that child, there is no argument that your hormones are more elusive than the damn ball in a Foosball game. If you're like us, you spin those little guys and pray you make contact one out of every twenty or so attempts.

Doing the right thing one out of every twenty as a parent is honestly a win. In our book, you're looking pretty good. You deserve to take a drink of that wine, call in a babysitter and take yourself out to celebrate. 

Relationships are hard. And then you consider that you are in a brand new relationship with tiny human that cannot effectively communicate their needs whatsoever AND screams at you all day AND waits right up until that point that you are about to finally fall asleep and screams in your face again. But wait, that's not all. No, my friend. You are utterly and pathetically obsessed with this human. Like bad stalker movie obsessed. When your partner suggests they take the baby so you can sleep, you sit stalk rigid and watch their every move, taking note until moments later, you take that baby back again... I may be on a tangent here. 

Anyhow, you are doing great. Not only are you doing the hardest thing that we as humans were created to do, but you are doing it again and again, every single day, with many of us deciding that, "You know what? It's not quite hard enough." And we add more!

And you know what? We LOVE it! 

We love kids. We love babies. We love you. You are amazing. You are enough.